Prague, baby!

Prague has been on my destination list for years! I finally decided to go spontaneously over Easter weekend this year as it is only a 3 hour bus drive from Nuremberg! After a panic-filled ordeal with bus tickets the drive was smooth, we arrived safely at our destination and found our hostel. Sorted.

Day 1: The city is beautiful, no doubt, so on our first evening we wandered the cobbled streets in the search for food. We found an authentic-looking place down a small alley (heads up all restaurants will have smoking and non-smoking sections but everyone smokes everywhere!)

Top tip: When looking for an ‘authentic’ place to eat in a new city, avoid restaurants that have menus out front that feature all languages as these are tourist traps! They get lots of business so don’t need to focus/worry about the quality of food so to find the best food you need to find small restaurants which will almost certainly have a language barrier (just close your eyes and point on the menu and hopefully you will be pleasantly surprised, and if not then well it’s a good story isn’t it!)

Day 2: To get to know the city a little better, we went on a walking tour. I know, I know, its not cool to follow a guy around who wears a yellow waistcoat and clearly tells the same jokes on every tour. WRONG! I do a walking tour in every new city I go to because I genuinely believe its one of the best ways to explore! The guides are very knowledgeable, naturally funny and engaging and you see places and learn things in the city that you never would have if wandering around aimlessly. We were shown the clock (voted the most underwhelming tourist attraction in the world along with Brussels’ Pissing Boy), the Jewish Quarter, Kafka’s story and given lots of interesting history about the Cold War etc…


Pretty tame so far right? Well we spiced it up that night with a bar crawl. I was told the bar crawls in Prague were legendary prior to my visit so for me it was a must. I’m sure you all know the drill, pay a small amount of money, get taken to three or four bars in one night with some promise of free/ heavy subsidised alcohol. Yep, we’ve all been on them so what makes Prague different?… Absinthe and underground bars. We were told that most of Prague’s nightlife is underground because the Czech’s have a nasty history of throwing people out of windows when alcohol has been consumed! As for the Absinthe, drink responsibly my friends although I do think that 1 shot should be tried and tested when in Prague as honestly its kind of hard to avoid it!.

Day 3: It was one of my travel companions birthdays and she wanted to do something special… She chose skydiving. It’s never been on my bucket list honestly as I really never revelled in the idea of launching myself out of a plane. But I sucked it up and did it! Brace yourselves for the hideous photo of my flying cheeks coming…


Day 4: Before getting the bus back to Nuremberg we went to see the castle. Cool story is that the spotlights that illuminate the castle at night were donated by The Rolling Stones as the president of the Czech Republic was firm pals with Mick Jagger. The castle is a must-see with great views of the city.

IMG_0364.JPGSo that was my long weekend in Prague! I hope you get the chance to see this beautiful city and explore its rich history.

Ciao for now,


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