Part two of my winter trip, Zagreb! Similarly to Ljubljana, I didn’t know much about the city and I had seen photos of the Plitvice Lakes in other travel blogs and really wanted to see it for myself.

Day 1: Plitvice National Park

From Zagreb the bus ride to the lakes is two hours and costs the equivalent of about £10 each way so I took the earliest bus leaving at 7:30am from the main bus station to get a full day there.

It’s not often that the image you have in your head of a place becomes reality, but it’s happened for me here, words can’t really describe the beauty of the place so brace yourself now for a lot of pictures to scroll down (I’m not apologising).


So another bucket list item gets ticked off but I would definitely make the effort to come back in the summer when the upper lakes are also open.

Back to the city and I had dinner with an Australian girl I met at the lakes and was tempted to check out the nightlife but was quite tired so stayed in but ended up having a mad night playing Uno with other people in the hostel (beer did appear and it got quite competitive).

Day 2: Took a walking tour of the city which was very informative but it was so cold I tapped out when he showed us where all the cafes were and stayed there for a good couple of hours to warm up.


The tour was very informative about the history of the city and takes you to good view points of the city and to the cannon that fires at noon and the guide was really good at pointing out places that locals eat and drink.

That evening I met with a friend of mine from Adidas and we went to the Christmas market to drink mulled wine and Rakija (go for the ‘strong’ stuff and you get a lot of respect from the locals)


Day 3: Late breakfast and another wander of the city. It had snowed over night and I think this is the first time I’ve been in a city where snow has settled so was walking with trepidation!




In the afternoon I went to the Museum of Broken Relationships which I went into with quite a cynical mindset but I actually really enjoyed it. It’s a collection of items with stories about broken relationships (both romantic and family) that people from all over the world donate, some are funny and some are pretty tragic.



So three days in Zagreb have been very cold but was a great addition to my winter getaway.

Ciao for now x

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