Once a day I take a photograph that captures my feelings or activity of 24hrs. It may be a book I couldn’t put down, a city I’ve seen, an amazing meal or just something pretty!

Learn. Rome weekend book so time to brush up

Start. Monday is a clean slate

Detox. Choosing healthier options after being a pig on holiday

Getting serious. This girl is going to stop spending money on iced lattes and be an adult now

Cook books. Always looking for inspiration and good food

Mint. Grow my pretties, grow.

My place. Rainy walk around my favourite place at home, Stourhead House and gardens.

Guitar. Needed a new hobby so have started learning the guitar.

Women Travellers. Loved the cover, can’t wait to start reading if there’s a story that explains this picture.


Peachy. Someone like me with a childish sense of humour found this funny.


Succulents and Cacti. Just about the only thing I can take care of. Today was rainy and grey outside but these guys’ vibrancy cheered me up


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